Every old dad must be a fit dad to not only survive but thrive through your new child’s birth and growth.

There’s a baby on it’s way - it’s time to get fit.

At school I did zero sports, I never liked it and that never changed in my life.

At the age of 56-years old I have never been fitter and healthier in my life.

I lost fat, stopped all alcohol, never eat anything processed, have a pretty strict but flexible diet and take around twenty different supplements daily.


I had to learn this and go through a ton of trails and mistakes before I got to where i am right now.

I first stepped into a gym at around the age of 48.

I wore jeans and shoes and a white t-shirt and frankly with all the young guys that looked so great I felt intimidated.

Today, I feel stronger and I am certainly in better shape than a lot of the young guys in any gym.

So just so you know, as an older dad you can change your health, your fitness, your stamina and the way you look by doing some pretty simple but life changing stuff in a gym (or even out of a gym).

It’s not that hard but it takes a start.

I’ll show you how I did it and continue to do it over in my blog.

Just so you know a couple of books that changed a lot for me about the way I think and feel about health are the following …

A MUST READ BOOK FOR older dads … Dr Life - The Life Plan

This book is pretty unreal. I will write a full review on it later but it really made me not only think about health but life itself. I would say critical read for older dads like us.

Anyway keep checking out the blog for more updates later.

The Older Dad - Alan Forrest Smith