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Is Old Age Dead When You Become An Old Dad?

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The photo is me in the gym at trying to be a fit old dad at 56 years of age.

At 104 years old he works 7-days a week and loves it. Gives over 150 lectures and stands for the full 90-minutes to keep himself-strong. He believes that his daily well-being comes from feeling good and nothing more. He also stays those that live long are never overweight. He finished by explaining his diary is full for the next 12-months. He doesn’t care because he knows retirement will probably kill him. It’s interesting what keeps a person living don’t you think? It’s also interesting what ages a person.

Toa Porchon-Lynch is a 96 years old yoga teacher that can bend better than some of the youngest yoga teachers I have seen. In my gym, I speak to a guy that is 76-years old and has the body of a 50-year old. So what is it the makes old age a thing of the past for us and is old age dead?

And … what makes us stronger, fitter, and younger old fathers?

Here is what I know.

We are taught some things in life as absolutes.

  • You must do well at school.

  • You must try to get to further education.

  • You must try and build a career.

  • The bigger house you have, the bigger the car and the better a life you will have.

  • Try and holiday as often as possible.

  • Gather things lots of things.

  • Everything should be a preparation for retirement, as it will come fast.

  • Putting on weight is something that happens, as you get old.

  • A sign you should slow right down is sores bones.

You’re getting old just accept it.

And of course, there is more… like

For gods sake dont have more kids when you’re older (ha)

Everyone ages and grows older as we look in the mirror. It can start with a line and finish with a huge crack. The ageing body is the ageing body and it will continue to age yet what you can do is escape from the myth that certain ages mean certain limits in your life.

Here’s a short list of things I have discovered and applied in my own life. Maybe you can do something like this in yours.

  • Find out what makes you happy and do what makes you happy

  • Create a life that has needs rather than wants filled

  • Look after my body gym or exercise daily

  • Take vitamins and supplements

  • Dress well

  • Be in love

  • Work in life that feels nothing like work

  • Read more of what is interesting

  • Avoid what the masses all do

  • Find out things for yourself

  • Take your time nothing is a rush

  • Drink coffee every morning

  • Start every day with a kiss and a hug

  • Share as often as you can

  • Avoid verbal fights they are never worth the energy

  • Think more about more

  • Watch less TV

  • Eat healthy

  • Take time to do nothing.

I think you’ll be surprised. Life isn’t about doing everything we have either been told to do or follow the example of. Ask are all the people that surround you happy? Do they give you something that makes your life better? Has life become tougher than ever? Is everything too fast for you?

Take time out.

Recently I spoke to a guy who was going through so many major life disasters you wouldn’t believe it. He spent every day shaking and waiting for the phone to go. All of the calls were people chasing him, chasing something or about debt. They were making him FEEL bad. He hadn’t had a minute to himself for decades never mind months. I said to him what would happen if you took a week away all alone and took a time to slow your mind and body down just for one week? He replied nothing would happen but I have to be here just in case. I asked just in case what? I could see how thought about it for a moment and couldn’t really answer just in case anything.

He didn’t take the week and his life is still turmoil the last time I spoke to him. All this makes a man or women look older, feel older, act older and ultimately die faster. Age is a reality but the time for old age to be a curse has well and truly gone for those that are awakened to the reality of a life outside the life they have been taught.

How about you?

Are you doing what you’ve always been told what to do and living a life exactly as you have been told you should live tour life? Or are you one of those that when the time arrives old age as we know it is dead? Does it depend on how you think about old age or – how you have been embedded to think about it?

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Yours Alan Forrest Smith Writer, Author Thinker, Speaker and Sharer.