Downside To Being An Old Dad?

Yesterday I was interviewed twice on the BBC. First on BBC Five Live and then on BBC Drivetime.

Both presenters asked the same question and it was this…

“What are the downsides to being an older father or old dad?”

Here’s the reality for all old dads in their fifties or more.

  • I wake up a few times each night hearing a baby crying.

  • I can’t binge a TV series.

  • I stopped reading books (and when he sleeps I am too tired to read).

  • I do feel a little more tired in the evening.

  • My days do revolve around our new son.

  • And more …

But let’s face it. This child is the future, he/she is a legacy for better things and they deserve every minute of our attention.

That doesn’t mean other things go out of the window. I feel happier, more fulfilled than ever, more grateful, more peaceful and generally more content.

This has meant more effort getting to the gym, getting in shape and staying in shape, healthier eating habits, new routines and of course changing stinking nappies but as far as a negative side to being an old dad - for me - there aren’t any.

It does of course depends on you but so far I love every second of being an old dad. Being a father in my fifties hasn’t had a single drawback - YET!

If you have had children in your twenties (I have) and remember that good feeling. In your fifties just multiple that feeling by ten.

Time will tell but I love it.

The Old Dad, Alan