Should I Have a Baby In My Fifties?

This week I got an email from a reader in his later fifties - like myself. He asked the question above and then went on to share his fears.

Things like, if I have another child in my fifties will this wife also leave me and then end up with another child only at the weekends?

Will I have the energy to look after the child?

Do I want to really do this or just grow old and eventually die?

My wife is 24-years younger will she want a younger father for the child?

There was more but let’s stop there.

First you can only control what you can control. If she is going to go she is going to go but lets stay focused here - she fell in love with you and the chances of her leaving with a baby are slim unless you are a total monster of course) I think this is more a lack of confidence and more about letting go of the past. Did you learn from the past and make the changes accordingly? I know I had to do that because there was no way I would ever want a divorce again.

You will only have the energy if you create the energy.

Energy is creating by using your body. I go to the gym 4-times weekly and try to make yoga once. I never went to the gym until I was fifty! I have more energy, power and ability today than I have ever had in my life. Get fit and stick at it. Get a trainer that understands an older body.

It seems to me a lot of women love older men for a lot of reasons. Some will say money … I was bankrupt when i met my younger wife - and some will say for greed. Only you can know this but she probably adores your wisdom, experience, live live and more. Just make her your number one priority and love her from sunrise to sunset and make sure you show it.

Should you have a new baby in your fifties?

It’s up to you. I can only tell you I have absolutely nothing negative to say about my experience and love every single moment being with my young 4-month old son.

It is something i thought about for a long time and have never once regretted.

Maybe you will feel the same.

The Old Dad, Alan Forrest Smith