Old Dads Better Dads?

It has been said that older dads are better dads but it depends on who you ask.

My thirty year old like to remind me i will be dead before my new son is thirty. I get that but does that make me a worse dad.

Here’s what I see with myself anyway.

As a young father life was hectic. I had four kids one after another. During that time I opened and ran three of my own shops, had a very active social life, moved house three times, built extensions and eventually built myself a large house with my own hands.

In other words it was crazy busy. Yes I got time to see my kids but no I certainly didn’t get the huge quality of time I have now.

Weirdly … being up all night isn’t a problem for me. It rarely leaves me feeling tired. I love speaking with my new son that needs to be held constantly (three months now) and despite breaking my back I absolutely love it and don’t want him to grow up. I have time to talk with him, read to him and when old enough travel, educate, inspire and play with him.

I love hims being in our bed, I love him sitting on my knee, I just love everything about being an older father.

This is a time issue not a father issue.

Now I have the time to just hang out and be there and I love it.

So maybe it isn’t that we are better dads maybe it is that we have more experience, we can work out the more important things and we have the time to be the best dad we can be.

I’d love your comments?

Are older dads better dads?

The Old Dad, Alan