8 Weeks In and It's Amazing

So it’s 8-weeks todays since i sat in hospital holding my new son.

At 56 and as an official old dad or as some will say mature father it’s been an interesting 8-weeks I’ll share.

I never had any dread of having a baby around again despite what family all say. Aren’t you too old, what about the lack of sleep and do you really want to push prams and change nappies again at your age?

At 4am this morning my wife was feeding our little bundle of magic. It’s like that every night. Some nights we are up once other nights like last night - we are up 3 times at least.

As I woke up, he had been put right between us and as I opened my eyes his eyes were already wide open. The second I opened mine he had a huge smile right across his face and got excited at the thought of his dad maybe getting up at 4am to play.

I loved it, I absolutely loved it. Now to be fair I don’t have a regular rush out in the morning job as I am a writer. I write at home or wherever I am so catching up on sleep is fine. But the truth is I never catch up on sleep as I really don’t feel that tired. The baby has totally energised me at so many levels.

So 8-weeks in pushing prams, nappies, getting up and all the other new baby stuff has been amazing and just like having my first all over again apart from…

… with my first children 30 years ago I was a busy young man. Building houses, moving houses chasing riches, opening businesses and more. It was hard and I was always exhausted. Today I have time to start, to sit, to look, to observe and to realize and understand that these moments where I get up and run around will vanish very, very soon.

So now is the time to enjoy every single moment as it is and for what it is.

Being an older dad so far has just been incredible at so many levels but my advice for you if this is you are about yo be you is simply relax and fall into the space that needs to be filled by a father. Yes we are older dads but as far as our babies goes we are just DAD!

The first 8-weeks have been just amazing. I can’t wait for the next 8-weeks and the next 8 and more after that but I won’t be pushing or rushing anything through. I am going to enjoy, saviour and absorb every last second as know that these moments will pass very quickly.

Do I have any complaints to share?

Not one… I love being an older father or dad in my fifties as you will too.

The Older Dad, Alan