John Simpson On Becoming a Father Again At 61

As the Americans invaded Baghdad after 9/11 and the massive wave of “shock and awe” took place I remember John Simpson on the news walking through with the Americans. As he described the utter human carnage around him a bomb landed and he was also slightly hurt. He did have some blood on his face if i remember correct but it could have been a splash from the rivers of Iraqi blood he was walking through.

After 5-years of trying his wife of 20-years his junior finally gave birth to their son. When John hits 71 his own son will be 10-years old.

I can only imagine the massive and huge volumes of wisdom a man like him can pass over to his son.

His article is an incredible read. I was inspired and even shed a tear of two reading it.

I wanted to share it with you as it reads like not only his he a veteran of reporting but a masterful old dad.

You’ll love this.

The old dad, Alan