John Humphrys a father again at 56

John Humphrys the angry old bloke on radio is retiring.

I always liked him. He can be mean but will say what most won’t say and will ask what most won’t ask and will tread where even angels fear to read.


When I saw him making that announcement I remember him from when I was a lot younger and so was he. He made the news headlines for being a dad again at the ripe old age of 56-years. I can remember being a young punk rocker and thinking, “that’s weird.”

Yet here I am all these years alter being a dad again at the same age of 56-years.

So I wanted to know more. So I did the Google dance and went on a search.

Everyone always sau, “Alan you’ll be dead before your son reaches an age where you can see what he is doing.” I know they said that to John Humphrys because he has said just those things.

Yet there are some cool little snapshots of his life with his now with his now 19-year old son.

John had a Vasovasostomy (reverse vasectomy) and he talks about this on BBC radio program Humphrys in Search of God.

I also went through the very same procedure. A vasectomy never felt like a good choice for me so I had it reversed and again for me that was a very simple choice.

Anyway John humphrys looks good, looks healthy, looks alive and seeing him on Mastermind today he is clearly as sharp as ever.

Maybe that is the old dad effect?

Alan, The Old Dad.

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