Fit Over Fifty My 30 Day Challenge

It’s so easy to put a bit of fat on here and there at 56. Frustrating as well as easy.

After 5 months in Tbilisi last year I came back carry more fat than usual. Frustrating because I had also spent a ton of time for 6-months before trying to get super fit. This also did show with a ton of fat loss.

Anyway I have just finished a self induced 30-day challenge at the gym

Here’s a photo at the start and the end of the challenge and then I will explain more.


Here’s how.

First start with a plan.

The gym for me is important and more important than ever since my baby news.

Shiting the belly fat and reshaping my posture makes me feel stronger and healthier. This will help me be stronger and healthier once our new baby arrives.

Here is how I do it.

By the way I only started going to gyms at fifty. Before then I thought gyms were not for me.

Create a weekly plan.


Create a workout plan.

Be accountable somehow (I post mine on my friends page on facebook see phots from Facebook)

Then just stick to it.

If you have no idea what to do in a gym (I didn’t) get yourself a trainer.

Personally I use PUREGYM. The PUREGYM APP is great and has a ton of plans and exercises you can use.

Honestly if it wasn’t for PURE GYM I am not sure I would be going to the gym. I personally work with their trainers also if i need more edge.

So stick to your plan and once you make that commitment with others they will make sure you are sticking to the plan.

I also do YOGA at the gym once a week for flexibility

IMPORTANT NOTE: Take each exercise slowly, stay in control, develop a good form and hold at the top of each exercise for 2 seconds with slow release at the end.

This way you will reduce injury, increase muscle and burn more fat.

If that makes no sense talk to a trainer but try and find a more mature trainer as they understand the aging body.


Again I go to the gym 3 times weekly minimum. Yoga once weekly minimum. I do not break that appointment with myself. This is the only way you’ll stay fit over fifty

I hope this helps you.


2019 30 Day Challenge Jan 1st - 31st


5 mins treadmill fully upright

Close grip lat pull done

66k to fail

Five sets

Sitting rows on cables 


Five sets

To fail

Rope on cable back pull

5 sets to fail


Long two hour walk.

Clean cut back diet of fresh veg and turkey meat.

A bit sore today so mostly rest and back in the gym tomorrow.


5 mins uphill treadmill

Chest cables 5 sets to fail

27k each side

Converging chest press

5 sets To fail


Arms cables from low

5 sets to fail 20 k each

Triceps same as above

Finish with 20 mins treadmill

Highest upright at 15

Speed at 6

Then 5 minute stretching.

It was hard today, pretty tired.

Food today

One slice of bread breakfast with two eggs

No lunch to lose weight

One cappuccino 

Turkey steak and fresh veg for dinner

One small muffin


5 mins uphill tread

15 up speed 5.6

Assisted body lifts, near grip 

5 sets to fail at 52k each set

Lat pull down 5 sets to fail at 52k

Rows single arm

5 sets at 42k to fail

Each gym visit needs around 60-90 mins

Must be done in gym as gym energy will push you forward

Finish 15 mins full upright on tread at highest incline

5 min stretch yoga stretches


15 mins upright treadmill at 5.4 speed

60kg was my start weight

5 sets of 8-10 deadlifts on light but slow to fail... critical core and back tended. Hold for 3 seconds at top of lift 

3 pull ups in between deadlifts

30 second rest between each set

Bench press on smith machine

50k my start weight

5 sets to fail


Sets on each

Press up between each set

30 second rest

Treadmill 30 mins uphill as before

Finish session at least 5

Minutes stretching

10,000 steps on pedometer on iPhone minimum


No processed

Less salt

No sugars

Half my regular breakfast

No dairy

No lunch apart from fresh smoothie and liver cleanse smoothie that is green, includes kale, radish, green powders an apple and some honey.

Breakfast half a cup of porridge 

Lunch a smoothie and handful of nuts

Dinner a large portion of meat and veg but fresh not over cooked 


None until the

Fat has dropped as they like fat on