Intrahepatic Cholestasis in Pregnancy

The past two weeks has been endless hospital visits. My wife started with itching feet and hands. It turns out she has something called, ‘intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy‘. Not really that serious, it vanishes after birth but creates a very irritating endless itching on the hands and feet for my wife.

30-years ago when my first son was born it went a bit like this.

Man meets woman.

Man and woman have sex.

Woman tells man she is pregnant.

Nine months later a baby arrives.

As I remember, it was that simple.

Not today.

Everything is a precise science.

So becoming a father again at 56 has also become like science lesson. The books, the studies, the tests, the watching the procedures and the choices.

My wife started itching so she called the midwife. The midwife told her to come to the hospital right now. Wwe left the house ,arrived and the tests were not only done but the result also arrived there and then.

She was then given the medication for her very slight ‘intrahepatic cholestasis‘. Her count was low at 18 and serious if over 44.

Everything is fine.

But as an older dad I find I am more sensitive to anything. I feel genuine fear inside at the slightest thought of any issue yet I am happy to know that our NHS in the UK takes zero chance and has created this incredible science that makes every attempt to make suer this new baby is offered every single opportunity to gorw and thrive.

By the way this guy is a real kicker, he is definitely thriving.

The Old Dad, Alan

UPDATE: My wifes count dropped down to just 7 after one week. We focused on a diet change and the medication also.