Week 25 The Baby is Kicking

It’s funny how old life is compared to new or later life.

If I got excited about a baby kicking in my early venture as a dad I don’t remember a lot of that. Not for any reason other than I was just very busy.

Busy as in, opening shops, running businesses, hiring and firing staff, building a house and more. Just life stuff and that life stuff felt like 100 mph everyday.

The past few weeks has seen the baby’s movement increase massively. Last night he - it is a boy - was kicking like crazy and I mean BIG kicks.

The thrill is thrilling. It makes me feel engaged, alive and as excited as any first father. There is more. The passing of life makes you realise that life is too fast. You never feel it is too fast when it is passing but looking back in older age you realise it then. Suddenly the babies are all almost 30-years old. Its a speed that has no real measure. You simply realise one day that time has passed.

So this time I have realised that life not only has to be different but it is different.

Age make it different, experience in life makes it different, the awareness of daily living gives older parents - older dads - a realisation of what is more important.

So when the baby kicks I feel it, I can see him I want him to join us. I’m excited and thrilled by every prospect racing towards me and my wife.

At weeks we still have a way to go of course so I will continue to enjoy the calm before the chaos - which will of course arrive when it arrives.

The Old Dad,