Picasso, Chaplin, Tolstoy and Ronnie Wood

Imagine having twins at 68 years of age?

Imagine still having sex with a something at 68-years of age.

I wrote that with a smile.

Picasso at 68 - new baby, old dad.

Chaplin at 68, new baby, old dad.

Tolstoy at 69, new baby, old dad.

Now Ronnie Wood 68 his wife 38, the rolling stone that gathers no moss.

I love Ronnie as I love Tolstoy but it still raises the question when is it too old to be a dad again?

This is a question that some will ask forever but for creatives that have to create it isn’t a question they or I would think about. Creating and creation are a natural part of life that continues . there is no stop until death. But does that mean the creator or older father has no caring for a younger son or daughter?

Here is what I think.

Life offers no guarantees.

My own father never met his father until he was 19 years of age.

My wife’s father died when she was a young teenager.

My pals father left home for work when he was just months old and never came back.

A young father does his best but cannot share what he doesn’t know.

An older father might be there for years and decades. Who knows?

Yet the vast amount of experience he can share with a new child is just enormous compared to a younger father. But I don’t think older dads even think like that. Most older fathers I know are just in the flow and enjoying the new life that is coming or has arrived.

Ronnie Wood - I love you, congratulations.

The Old Dad,