It's a Boy

As an older dad here’s what happens.

I say, “It’s a boy”

They say, “So that means when you are 70 he’ll be 14”

Lets face it you don’t have to be a math expert to work that one out.

But anyway, it is a boy.

We drove over to the hospital for the week 20-scan. I really wasn’t that bothered about knowing but my wife wanted to know because everyone wants to know these days.

We asked, she replied… clearly it’s a boy after showing us a scan image of what was clearly boys parts - very clearly!

My wife looked at me and then said, “ I know you wanted a girl”.

I did and I didn’t. I wasn’t that bothered but I liked the image in my head of a little girl as wonderful as her mother.

I do wonder how he will look? I have dark curly hair, my wife has thick dark curly hair. A Scotsman and a Georgian mixed.

Anyway it is a boy and we have a name already.

Really excited and no I am not telling the name ;-)