Young Wife Old Husband, I'm Tired

I am a cliche are you?

My wife is 14-years younger than me or I am 14-years older than her? I am very aware of that. I don’t think she really thinks about it until I feel really tired.

So with my younger wife’s age age difference and then new kids on top of that you are going to need to be brought back to life or even resurrected ;-)

Depending on what kind of guy you are you might be lacking in energy or be fine. I am writing this post on the basis that you are a typical older dad - TIRED, exhausted, and need more sleep!

I will share what I do and then maybe offer a tip or two.

For me keeping fit is critical. I only started using gyms when I was around fifty but here is something I noticed. If I miss or don’t go I actually feel more tired. So I make it a priority to go to the gym 3-4 times a week. I know time is a killer but you must make a priority to steal back time.

I also walk everywhere and rarely use my car. On my phone I average around 10,000 steps everyday. If you hit 5000 on your phone that is a good thing but maybe pace it up. I try and walk a little faster especially on the hills. Just in case you are not sure you need a PEDOMETER. Download one onto your phone. And if you don’t have a smartphone your kids will truly think you are a dinosaur so go get one.

One tip for the gym is this … Get started with a trainer. You don’t have to use one all the time but it will get you into the routine and give you an understanding of what to do.

My food or nutrition is also important for me. I avoid anything processed (apart from crisps) and stick to fresh everything. If I eat junk my energy decreases so I avoid junk foods.

I also make sure than I get plenty of what my body needs from extra vitamins etc.

Also we shouldn’t forget just because we are old dads again that doesn’t mean we can do the same as what we did when we were younger. That means your wife has to know this also. I just can’t see me running around a football field with my new baby like i did with my first four children.

And of course there is the sex. If you have wife that wants plenty of younger sex you’d better be ready or you will have a younger wife that is lacking in her needs. Lets be honest sex it tiring process. The moment after can easily become minutes of unconsciousnesses rather than a quick rest and here we go again.

If you have a young wife and you are tired it isn’t because you’re about to drop dead its more likely that you need to have a good look at your body and get fit again.

I want you to know I am 56 as I write and have never had so much energy fort any activity. I also want you to know that takes effort at many levels.

  • Review your fitness

  • Join a gym

  • Hire a personal trainer

  • Buy a home gym

  • Get a fitness plan

  • Walk daily

  • Do yoga

  • Review your nutrition intake

  • Find out what nutrients are needed for your age

  • Stop alcohol consumption (try it for 30 days)

  • Sleep less

  • Be realistic

  • Manage your time

  • Have more - not less - sex

Remember you are older than your younger wife. She will love you but she needs you to make every effort to keep up with her. She knows you’re not a 25 year old stud but she wants the best that you can manage.

This book changed everything I thought about fitness I strongly recommend you grab a copy and read it. The guy is just incredible at 76 year of age.

The Old Dad.