Checking Out Prams

It isn’t that long ago I was looking at new motorbikes. Today I am checking out … PRAMS!

The first thing to be said here is the only other people looking at this stuff are in their late twenties … maybe YOUNGER than my eldest son!

So let's get to it.

A young guy asks us if we need help. I reply yes can you show us how this pram comes apart and changes? His reply, NO it’s too complicated to put back together.


So he wants me to spend £700 on a pram that is too complicated to put back together? I'm used to motorbikes that you sit on and go not prams that are too complicated to put together.

I bought my first pram in 1989. Nothing came off, nothing added on, that was it - a pram. And that was a good one.

Today it is a clip-on, add on, plug in, coffee holder, phone holder, iPad holder and then the multitude of zipping on and off bases.

I’m lost already.

So we look at most of them. I nearly faint at the prices, my motorbike fades into the distance and I resign myself to the Silver Cross with leather handles and lots of other goodies.

Actually, I wish they’d had this choice years ago but then again this is now.

So decide what you need as this clears away a lot of the other prams right away.

I need a pram for coffee on the go or sitting about. A pram for running or fast walking. A pram that is light. And of course, a pram that just looks really cool for an older father like myself. A mature look not a Cheshire footballer look. And of course, a pram that will cocoon my little darling boy as he sleeps or screams.

How does it feel buying a pram at 55-years of age and as an older father?

I love it, I love everything about it. This time it feels more paced out, more thought through and more alive. I don't know why but maybe I don't need to know why. All I know is it feels amazing.

The Old Dad,