Mens Fashion Over Fifty

How To Dress Cool As An Older Dad.

It isn’t uncommon to see an older dad trying to dress like a younger dad.

The problem is it just looks bad!

Embrace your age but develop a new style if you have to. Forget trying to look like your 25 again it just isn’t going to happen.

Thats me right now.

Whether you like or don’t like my style isn’t the point. The point is you can create your own style as an older dad and look as cool as you want to look.

I have a couple of rules that are not really that fixed.

I’ll share what I am wearing above in a sec but for now here is my opinion for dressing as a older dad.

Embrace your age you’re over fifty

Get advice: if you are not sure about clothes get advice or buy decent clothes books for ideas (see below)

Follow those that go before you: There are a ton of older fashion icons now and they are probably older dads and look cool as hell! ( see the brilliant )

Get quirky: Avoid fashion and dress up a little more. Classy, iconic or eccentric. DO NOT DO fashion.

Dress yourself: If you have a younger wife she might want to dress you younger if she is buying your clothes. It is never too late to start dressing yourself.

Own it: whatever you wear own it and don’t play shy.

Accessories: One reason I love England is we can mix things up with hats, scarves, gloves and endless amount of quirky stuff.

Dress cheap: But finish it off with one classy piece ALWAYS! I am wearing £11 jeans in the photo I got in a sale but my glasses wear GUCCI £300 plus I bought in Milan.

Facial hair: Older dads look amazing with beards, moustaches or facial hair. Play around and own it you will look cool.

It can be hard dressing as an older dad. Fashion this and that, ideas and tips and how-to and how-not too.

Look online and the advice is do not wear Skinny jeans as an older man. I love skinny jeans and refuse to conform.

My advice is wear what you want and own it but for gods sake do not try and dress like your young again it just will never work in a million years!

In the photo above I am wearing

Grey Skinny Jeans:

A few tips on these. Aim for skinny’s that are slightly loose. Avoid low waist jeans. Don’t buy jeans with rips. Avoid jeans with creases built in the look bad! In the photo I am wearing Label Lab but th for me jeans either fit or they don’t so try a few pairs. IMPORTANT: If you need to lose weight LOSE IT FIRST before you wear skinnies because they’ll only make you look fatter not thinner.

Massimo Dutti Shirts:

I love Massimo shirts they just fit well. A little more to pay but worth every penny.

Thomas Sabo: I wear a chain on my wrist everyday without fail. It cost me around £500 but worth every penny. Defiantly one of my signature pieces.

New Balance Shoes: Why? I just love them with jeans in warmer weather. Casual but a colour that says something. Orange is defiantly my colour. CRAZY cheap and worth every penny!

Goorin Bros Hats: I’m a massive fan. They are just cool. I have a ton of their hats and spend $60 USA having them delivered into the UK. Worth every penny and look super cool on any older dad.

GUCCI Sunglasses: Unisex and cool. Wear them with total eccentric confidence.

The Older Dad

Alan Forrest Smith