IVF Older Father ...

IVF for an older dad, where do I start.

My wife is 14-years younger than me (I AM A CLICHE).

The first date we went on in London I 2010 she asked me if I would ever want another child? I replied saying yes.

She didn’t know I had had a vasectomy in 1998 but I always felt I wanted more children. I’ll tell you more about that in another post.

I finally had the reversal done, the success was there but we still hadn’t produced a baby. Three years in we decided to give IVF a go for the simple reason I don’t mind being an older dad but I didn’t want to be an older dad with no life left.

IVF is a rush of hope and promises but is loaded with failure and drama.

The first IVF resulted in pregnancy but failure after six weeks. It was crushing.

The second was negative.

The third was a spur of the moment thing on a trip to Tbilisi, Georgia where my wife is from. The price is dramatically lower than here in the U.K. and every is state-of-the-art.

We did that and it worked. It began with twins (or two eggs implanted and then ended with one growing and looking perfect.

But doing IVF does raise a lot of internal issues for me as an older dad.

We have 10 healthy embryos in freeze - what happens to them?

How old it too old to have another?

How long will my own life be as an older father?

Will have the strength mentally and physically for the drama of another IVF?

Here is what I know.

My wife wants a child and has a need to be a mother.

I adore her and want a child with her and in fact never felt so excited about being a older dad..

If IVF can hurry along, support and help the process I am happy to do this and have done it.

I will write and post more because let me tell you it is a dramatic ride to say the least.

I am grateful for the science and the ability to move things forward like this.

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The older dad, Alan.