How Old Is Too Old To Be A Dad?

God, I’ve no idea.

But I know this.

When I wake up in the morning my joints are getting sore. My sleep i always broken so I dont think the waking up in the night will be a problem. I do worry about stuff like giving the baby a shoulder ride or carrying it too much as my back historically has never been amazing but is worse as I get older.

This is a time for me to not only get fit but stay super fit as possible.

At one time I almost hit 17 stone in weight. I am not going back to that again so i have to be aware of getting lazy and hanging around doing not a lot.

I am not sure if there is an answer to how old is too old to be a dad. One of my heroes is the Russian writer Leo Tolstoy who write War and Peace. He fathered his last son at 69. Maybe that is too old well too old for me but it still takes a bit of thinking and planning.

I’ve had a pretty good fitness routine now for a couple of years but I am definitely going to upgrade it.

Being a fit old dad is of course another question but it is worth saying I don’t think any age is too old to be an older father.

Look at Mick Jagger who recently fathered yet another child at 74 years old. It keeps him young (as of course his young wife does also) but none of that increased activity comes by accident.

For now I am increasing a few things in my diet. I mean supplements of course.

Things like…

L-Carnitine which is critical for my sore joints and really makes a huge difference. When I stop taking it for a while the difference is pretty obvious with increased soreness.

I don’t think age is too old as long as age isn’t a factor in your mind. Yet the reality is age brings certain things to any man never mind an older father. Its the managing of those things that will make a difference.

The Old Dad Alan.