Becoming a father in your 50s

Becoming a father in your 50s isn’t something I had ever thought about until I thought about it.

I had four great kids from my first marriage. My second wife has no children yet we both felt the compulsion to have a child together regardless of my age when the child is old.

Becoming a father in your 50s does raise a lot of internal questions especially this one.

Would I live long enough to see the child grow into an adult?

Here is what I felt.

I know a guy my age that had never seen, heard or met his father. My own wife’s father died suddenly when she was just 17-years old. A friend of mine had lost his father when he was just 7-years old. I could go on. Even my own dad first met his father when he was 19 years of age.

But I reasoned that there really are no guarantees with anything.

I might be alive when I am 100 (and useless) yet I might drop dead this week. Who can know.

Then I looked at being a father again in my 50s and reasoned on a lot of things.

This has to be the perfect time for me as a man to share what I know with my new child. I am older, more mature (maybe) and wiser than I was in my 30s.

It can be such an easy thing to listen to others making negative comments about becoming a father in your 50s yet I cannot see any negative about being an older dad.

It has made me realise though there are things I don’t want to do again and there are things I cannot wait to do again with my new child.

For me life doesn’t have a start an an end. It’s one continuum that has an initial start and final end. It’s for me to fill out the middle bit and becoming a father in your 50s feels to me to be an act of continuum rather than a moment of passion gone wrong.

I’m excited but realizing that I absolutely have to be prepared.

Just 7.5 months to go ;-)