IVF Abroad

Three years after my vasectomy reversal we did two rounds of IVF in the U.K. AT St. Mary’s in Manchester.

The problem being an old dad with four children is the system doesn’t support us for the usual three rounds. My wife fought for one and then battled for two. Thats the great part of being married to a woman that wont take no for an answer.

But after two we felt we wanted to try once more. Every year we go back to Tbilisi, Georgia to see family and friends. We were told about a doctor that has a very high success rate so we decided to try it whilst there.

And … It was cheaper - much cheaper.

Anyway I know Georgia, I speak Georgian and my wife is Georgian so we understand how they are and probably how it would when we got there. Believe me - Georgians have their own ways of doing things.

But it was interesting to say the least. As an older new dad (prospective) you don’t feel quite as judged as maybe I do in the U.K. No one here really that bothered about age.

Everything was done by facebook messenger or Viber - even the results were sent like this. The messages can come at anytime of the night with no receptionist in between. We dealt directly with the specialist over phone messages every step of the way.

There are other things that were different. Like giving my sample … yep you know about that. In Manchester I was in a totally private locked room locked away in an almost secret corner. Here I was put into a small room where two women were sat outside at a small table just on the other side of the door.

The hospital was a state of the art and new facility. Whatou need more details about the hospital and the doctor I’d be happy to let you know more. Just send me an email or message from my contact page.

But apart from that the place was clean spoke English also but of course my wife is Georgian. Our experience has been amazing and not only are we almost 12-weeks pregnant as I write this we also have a surplus of embryo’s that are all healthy in storage