Week 11 - Old Dad and Thoughts

It’s week 11.

I don’t remember obsessing as much over my first four kids. Maybe its because these days you can see everything and get everything and anything online or in an App.

I am currently using BabyCentre App and today I have been reminded it is week 11.

Incredible - no judgement - but incredible that people can abort when you see so much detail. It really looks like a baby and not a organism of some kind. At this stage it is as good as formed. I say it because clearly it’s too early to get to know the sex.

I’m starting to think about the life change. It’ll be huge. It’s my wife’s first child and I am not sure she realises what’s coming … a storm … of sorts is coming.

But I started dreaming of scenarios as an older dad. Things like having a 1-year old when I am 66 or having a 20-year old when I am 76!

For me life is fluid a continuum that has no real solid set in stone direction. This new child is simply part of the journey as far as I am concerned and I am looking forward to it.

I have put a picture of the week 11 at the top for you. It sourced from the incredible website mentioned above at BabyCentre.

Things to start thinking about for me right now are…

Getting as fit and as healthy as possible. That means a new routine that I will log on this site for you. Making sure we have everything in place for our new baby. The mountain of gear required of course. I will let you know what I test and what I think about this stuff.

By the way I am definitely getting one of these. It’s a buggy and a bike - it just feels cool.

So that’s it today, week 11 and we are ready to rock n roll.

Big scan in the middle of next week. More on that soon.

Your older dad.