Vasectomy Reversal After 15 Years

It’s freezing cold in Hartlepool. It’s also October 16th and I am about to have a brilliant surgeon reverse my vasectomy in a clinic in the strangest city on Earth.

I spent a few years looking for the right guy to do this. Reversals are notoriously difficult and they read a little hit and miss. After 15-years with my tubes chopped i wanted to give this the very best and only chance.

I researched and kept getting drawn back to a guy in hartlepool that seems to be the best man in the country to do this job. Dr. Andrew Dawson was definitely the man and his clinic was amazing. (do some research)

We spoke over the phone, it wasn’t cheap to do but I felt he was doing something a little more advanced than say the NHS or other clinics. It was also going to be around 3-hours of micro surgery. I did say it wasn’t cheap but again I wanted ONE hit at this so I was willing to pay the best.

On October 16th at 7 am I was at the clinic waiting for the Dr. to have his hands all over my freshly shaved testicles. Honestly I was shitting myself with fear, totally panic stricken at the whole idea. Yet I really wanted to have a child with my new wife (to be) and i wanted it to be the very best opportunity for success.

He came in, told me to undress, examined me and then at around 8:15am the surgery had begun. I woke up half way through the surgery where they then sent me back to sleep. I felt not a single thing during the operation and after the operation. The healing was just perfect.

No sex for 15-days felt like a lifetime but I managed. Finally I sent my first test back in. I was thinking the worst but it turns out I am super human and have more sperm and mobility than the average 25-year old!

Now you’d think with that result getting pregnant was going to be easy. Nothing happen so we eventually took the IVF route after 3-years of nothing happening. There is more about that on my other pages of course.

The point of this blog is this. Would it all still be working after 15-years of total shutdown? The answer is yes. So if you are thinking about a reversal but are just not sure if the numbers stack up and the best outcome i just want you to know that my own vasectomy reversal after 15-years was a 100% success.

The photo is me the evening before trying to enjoy Hartlepool but really thinking I was facing my last day on Earth.

Now we ahve a baby on it’s way.

Your old Dad.

Alan Forrest Smith