About The Old Man Behind Old Dad Project.

I had my first child in 1989. I had my fourth child 1998. I had vasectomy the same year.

Twenty years later my wife is pregnant and I’m about to become a dad again at 56 year of age.

It’s a long story so I’ll keep it as short as I can.

After a long divorce,in 2010 I found myself single again until I met the woman was to become my wife. We hadn’t known each other that long when she asked me this question.

“Would you ever have more children?”

I replied yes but what I knew and she didn’t know was I had had a vasectomy in 1998. I didn’t feel the need to tell her then but moving forward… I had a very successful reversal that eventually led to a new baby on its way (Born 13/4/2019).

We got married in New York City Hall in 2015.

I should say despite the reversal we eventually took the IVF route. This is the third and successful attempt.

May 2019 my fifth child will arrive against a lot of odds. I’ll be 56-years of age so this gives me plenty of time to get my stuff together in preparation for what will be a long ride as bringing up any child is.

This website is a dedication to all older fathers or old dads like myself. I want you to know I have never so excited by the prospect of being a dad once more but I also had and have a ton of questions that arise daily.

So enjoy the blog, enjoy the stories and I am happy to share as much as I can share with you about the whole process and experience of being an old but hopefully cool dad.

The Old Dad, Alan

If you want … You can find out more about me on my main website … www.AlanForrestSmith.com