The old dad project is dedicated to ALL old new older dads over forty, fifty and more.

Being a father again over the age of fifty brings a ton of questions and experiences like IVF or vasectomy reversal, getting fit again and simply the prospect of being an old new dad. I’m happy to share everything I am going through and have gone through so far.

Would you SHARE YOUR OLD DAD STORY with other old dads around the world?

Being an old dad is as new as being a first time dad. You might have done it all before but it really is different.

If you have been there as an old new dad already I’d love to know your story. If you share your story it could be added to a new book where you will help and inspire older fathers just like you (or kill them - depends on the story ;-). The book is due this spring/summer.

Please share here.


The Old Dad, Alan.